Cloud R&D

Houdini 20 was released last week and among the many updates was a new set of cloud tools. I decided to explore these tools and put together some potential project shots.

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Ball play

I’ve just put together this project in order to try out a couple of features in Houdini. I’m using Houdini’s built in renderer ‘Karma XPU’ and the Solaris workflow. Its gives you a lot more control over the lighting and general look development.

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Stadium seat flip

On the back on seeing the Ted Lasso opening titles I was curious as to whether you could create an image/video with stadium seats where the seats didn’t change colour. This is a test I created, Redshift Proxies were essential in the creation of this.

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Skoda Crush

This is a test based on a Steven Knipping tutorial, it uses an RBD simulation to crush the geometry. The original tutorial used a helicopter but I’ve instead used the Skoda van that I modelled. Everything was created using Houdini, textured in Substance Painter.

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Procedural tower block

A procedural tower block created in Houdini. The asset has many variables that are randomised in order to create different versions of the building. The asset is intended to be used in a mid shot city scene amongst other structures. Houdini TOPS was used to export Redshift Proxies, this provided an efficient and responsive workflow.

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